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The main body of this report provides a literature review of the research conducted on veterans from an international perspective, focusing on the key themes that have emerged from that literature review and the stakeholder interviews.

Before considering Building Inspections Adelaide this material, it is worth setting out what the King’s team understand to be the UK and international policy context in which its analysis and conclusions will be viewed. Of course, a focus on people has always been important, as armed forces can only be as effective as the personnel who work for them; yet, until recently, strategic and technological issues have tended to occupy centre stage.

It remains the case however that the relevant evidence-based supporting research required to inform that policy agenda has yet to be funded to the extent required, at least when compared with that which underpins other areas of defence policy, not least technology-based issues. Furthermore, there is a wider political imperative to assist socially excluded groups not only because there is a moral case. to do so but also to ensure that their chances of becoming productive members of market society are maximised, so reducing the future financial burden they might pose for the national budget.

An interesting question is whether the current UK inclusive definition should be continued or modified and, if so, how would a new one be implemented. A third approach (and the suggested focus of the project) is not to confine the benefits and repair only to service related injury per se but to use the broadest definition of veteran as a means of overcoming the wider problems of social exclusion and disadvantage. Whatever the strategic direction emanating from MOD, in building its vision. it will need to take the veterans organisations with it. This may be difficult to achieve currently because, as is evident from some of the interviews with stakeholders, there is a lack of trust in this partnership.

Why is this Part of the answer is political: the current government is perceived, by some, to work to short-term headlines and this affects veterans’ policy. Sound research will be required in order to ensure that responses to those who question the credibility of government approaches to veterans issues can be met in a timely and effective manner.