How graphical work is easy to understand by the clients in BPI ?

The intent of the review process, carried out by the Grants Committee and Advisory Committees, is to recommend the allocation of dollars that will, in general terms, further the purpose and guiding principles.Community Development – with a dual focus on building community capacity (defined as resources, commitment and skills) and Building Inspection addressing pressing needs and issues.A two page project overview is first submitted by the applicant to The Calgary Foundation by March 8. These overviews are reviewed by the Grants Committee to assess basic eligibility.

If there is potential for The Calgary Foundation to assist the applicant, a formal, four page detailed application and supporting financial statements are requested, due by April 15 or October 15. Advisory Committees then review the detailed applications and meetings are held with all applicants. As part of the assessment process, the Director of Grants and Community Initiatives also routinely consults with other funders and people knowledgeable in the field.

At the conclusion of the review process, each of the Advisory Committees compare the applications with one another, reflect on the on-site or in-house interviews, review the staff reports and recommendations and evaluate their set of applications against current priorities. Funding recommendations are then submitted to the Grants Committee for a further level of review. The Grants Committee then makes final recommendations to the June and December meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Calgary Foundation has not spent any formal time looking at the issue of sustainability though we recognize that it is a critical issue facing the non-for-project (NFP) sector. Our affiliate, The Vancouver Foundation, just completed a six month study titled The Social Reconnaissance Project: Discovering Philanthropic Leadership Opportunities (SRP). The goal of this project was to identify the broad gaps between not-for-profit sector needs, capacities and resources. Some of the findings from this project are of relevance to the Calgary community.