How finance can be used in right direction due to process of BPI ?

Wheeler will get 85 DU customers and DU will get 15 Wheeler customers. Wheeler owes DU a net payment of $185,000 after the two utilities buy each other’s power lines and facilities needed to serve the customers affected by the swap, and DU pays a fine for serving customers that should have belonged to Wheeler.

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The DU customers transferred to Wheeler include 65 whom Wheeler should have served instead of DU. The customers are mainly in the Sherwood Oaks and Chula Vista areas of Southwest Decatur. Wheeler agreed to pay for existing DU lines and facilities serving those customers plus 20 additional DU customers and facilities. DU will pay Wheeler for 15 electric customers plus facilities based on operational considerations. Although the boundaries remain jagged, the ruling, based on research by both utilities, are somewhat clearer by following main roads and rights of way, DU officials said.

That Building Inspector makes it easier for utilities to serve customers, especially during outages. DU and Wheeler officials plan to mail notices soon to the affected customers. For current DU customers, they will find their utility bills higher by as much as $300 per year. Wheeler customers transferred to DU will find their bills cheaper. Wheeler officials have been quoted in the past as saying new customers will be gradually brought up to the higher rates. Officials said the switchover could occur within 30 days.

Carr said the end of the suit was based on the utilities’ mutual interpretation of where the boundary lines should be, but it was the court’s decision. “It’s not really where DU and Joe Wheeler come in and agree,” Carr said. We worked together on where we think the line should be, but ultimately the judge rules. Harris said, “If there’s any fussing, it ought to be with the Legislature in 1985. “