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But when Word Perfect purports to save a file in a Microsoft format, it isn’t genuine. Microsoft can’t open a Word Perfect document, even one supposedly saved in a Microsoft format. Not so with StarOffice. Save a document with the .doc extension and Word will open it. Microsoft Excel can’t tell the difference in an .xls file produced on building inspection checklist StarOffice. StarOffice is not limited to Microsoft Windows operating system either. And it operates equally well on Solaris. Unfortunately it’s not ready for Macintosh yet.

I originally downloaded StarOffice because my copy of QuattroPro, the spreadsheet I’ve used for years, developed a flaw I couldn’t get rid of. I’ve been using word processors professionally ever since they hit the market, and this one is as smooth and easy to use as any. Best of all is the cost. I can use the money I saved as a write-off to pay my cable Internet bill this month. With Christmas comes gifts, and among the presents many of you may have unwrapped this morning may been a new computer.

Some of you may actually be computer owners for the first time and you’re looking for help.  Others may be the proud, but apprehensive, owners of some new additions to the computer, either hardware or software. The first advice I would give the new, first-time computer owner is simply this: Be patient. When I get a new computer or a new add-on, I can’t wait to get it into operation.

But that’s not a good idea, especially on such a glorious family holiday as Christmas. Once you get into your computer, or your new add-on, you may find the rest of the world fading into the background. Learning all that a new computer, or a new CD-RW drive, can do can easily becomes the most important thing in your life.