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Who is liable to become the inspector for proceeding the BPI ?

It worked very well, particularly the Del Boy run, and I was very pleased to play a major part in all that activity. loads of stores during 93 separate stores replenishment serials. We should also recognise that we had two contractors onboard from Babcock Naval Services. These were ex-DLO staff who had transferred to the company under the Modernising Warship Maintenance initiative, and their expertise and experience was invaluable. The thing that stands out for me though is that we all really pulled together to make things work, using the cumulative knowledge and experience gathered over the years.

Keith made the point that all the work done, whether at the Head Office at Bath, onboard the ships or in the Forward Logistic Sites seemed to happen naturally. He has dealt with serious injuries and even death, albeit not due to enemy action but to accidents in the workplace. I started by asking him what his involvement was with SHELF, and he told me.

There are several people who lead on safety issues in the DLO for subjects such as food, nuclear issues, rail and ammunition, and I’m the DOG’s lead for SHEF. I’m here to make sure that we have a safe working environment in the DLO from the top downwards, no matter what job we are doing. I’m also responsible for ensuring the Chief of Defence Logistics has a safe working environment for his people and we’are compliant with all the various regulations.

Nowadays we all work to targets and regulations and Alistair’s job is no exception, Independent Building Inspections although his are more often set externally, either by our own government or the European Union (EU). We have a ‘green government’ and there’s a lot of legislation coming down from it, for which we have to put together a lot of reports. s. We now have a database with some 300 items of impending legislation. Not doing these sorts of things is clearly not an option in our line of business and therefore we have to make sure that there’s a balance struck so we can still do our job – it may on occasion be necessary to apply for an exemption through the Secretary of State.